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Dilemmas of Appraising and Mortgaging Land Separate from Improvements

  Copyright © 15 November 2014 by Bob Hurt.  All rights reserved.  Distribute intact freely. Traditional Lending In this modern age where every smart phone out-computes office computers of the early 1980’s, why do Americans suffer mortgages with the same terms on the land as on the improvements?  Surely, investors’ computers and MBA finance specialists […]

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Public Access to Law; Discipline for Foreclosure Pretender Defenders

To: Professor Dale A. Whitman, Dean Emeritus University of Missouri-Columbia Law School Dear Professor Whitman: I saw your article “Learning from the Mortgage Crisis” in a friend’s magazine.  I thought I’d write and ask you to send me a copy of the pdf file.  Will you send it to me, please, by return email?  Why […]

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