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How to Hammer Out Cash for Mortgage Victims

  Proof of Methodology Check out this proof (linked below) of how hugely mortgage victims can win a wad of cash if you will only learn how (and commit) to attack the validity of the loan.  NO OTHER methodology wins compensation for mortgagors. Hammer v Residential (2015) Hammer v Residential Credit Solutions – 2015-USDC-ILND-1_13-cv-06397-0 Click the […]

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How to Get the Benefits of a Securitization Audit FREE

Securitization Audits Decline Dramatically… Find Out Why   How to Get the Benefits of a Securitization Audit FREE Benefits?  WHAT Benefits? Learn below why the audit is a complete waste of resources. Copyright © 1 April 2014 by Bob Hurt.  All rights reserved. TECHNICAL ALERT:  I, the author, am not an attorney or practitioner, […]

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TILA Rescission in the wake of Jesinoski

Truth In Lending Act (TILA) See the full law here: See the regulation Z here: Congress intended the right of rescission to protect the consumer from putting the family home at risk by using the home or the equity in it to secure a loan. It doesn’t apply in mortgage loans for the […]

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