Monthly Archives: February 2016

USDC Opinion DESTROYS Neil Garfield Legal Theories

The Tennessee western USDC denounced most if not all of the arguments Garfield made in his recent ridiculous postings on LivingLies blog. Jones v. SELECT PORTFOLIO SERVICING, INC.,¬† Dist. Court, WD Tennessee 2016 – Google Scholar Here see just a few of Garfield’s idiotic postings: Down to the Nitty Gritty: Holder vs Owner of […]

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Cal. Supremes Opine Yvanova May Sue on Void Assignment

Cal. Supremes Opine Yvanova May Sue on Void Assignment The Myth Mongers will come out in force saying this opinion means assignment snafus can void an otherwise perfectly just non-judicial foreclosure. In fact, it says that Yvanova¬†may sue to undo a non-judicial foreclosure on the basis that the foreclosing party did not own beneficial […]

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Proof that YOU can AFFORD a Mortgage Exam

Scammers of every stripe seem to crawl the nation looking for gullible home loan borrowers facing foreclosure, in order to sell them a worthless mortgage rescue service for gargantuan fees. And when those borrowers finally learn about Mortgage Attack, they have the gall to whine that they don’t have the money to pay for the […]

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