Monthly Archives: April 2016

Garfield right for a change: Get a Mortgage Exam NOW

In his LivingLies Blog entry of 2016-04-27, Foreclosure Pretender Defender and Kool-Aid Drinker Neil Garfield wrote this, correct for a change: “… you need a thorough analysis of everything that happened with your alleged loan and a careful examination of the pleadings if you are already in court. We readily understand the reluctance to spend more […]

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Saterback Opinion Destroys PSA/Assignment Arguments Post-Yvanova

I saw the California Yvanova case as much ado about nothing.  The borrower, Yvanova, sued for wrongful foreclosure because she discovered that the lender New Century Mortgage had, in bankruptcy, wrongfully assigned her note to a securitizer rather than allowing the bankruptcy liquidation trustee do it.  That meant the securitization trust had no rightful ownership of the […]

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