Mortgage Attack provides public services to help mortgagors, their attorneys, and other service providers to understand proven methodologies for dealing with banks and their agents who have injured the borrower in a mortgage loan transaction.

Mortgage Attack built this web site because of the dearth of mortgagors and their lawyers who understand and will properly and aggressively address the conflict between lenders or note holders and borrowers.  In essence it teaches borrowers and their attorneys to fight the correct battle (“Mortgage Attack”), which they can win, possibly with substantial monetary gain, instead of the wrong battle (foreclosure defense) which the vast majority of borrowers can only lose.

Web guests may respond or request individual assistance by using the contact mechanisms on this site.

Neither the author of this web site nor anyone associated with it functions as an attorney, operates or works for a law firm,  practices law, or gives legal advice.  This web site provides general information and court opinions only, and does not provide legal advice for any particular person.

However, this web site makes it clear that many attorneys cheat borrowers by selling them a useless foreclosure defense service which, in effect, leads borrowers into the jaws of foreclosure.  We advise borrowers to steer clear of such charlatans, and to seek assistance from qualified experts in contract and tort litigation.