Consult a Competent Attorney

Naturally, Mortgage Attack recommends that the reader consult a competent attorney in all questions of law.

Mortgage Attack remains fully aware that all attorneys have the requisite education and knowledge to understand the nature of contract breaches, and of fraud and other torts by the lender and agents which injure the borrower.

The Bad Business Model that Encourages Legal Malpractice

However, by our observation and experience, most attorneys, particularly foreclosure “pretender defenders,” behave with singular incompetence in defending mortgagor rights and obtaining redress for the mortagor’s injuries.  Many appear to fight valiantly against foreclosure, but they use dilatory foreclosure defenses that they know must ultimately fail.

Mortgage Attack believes that comes from the attorney’s business model – charging clients $500 to $1000 a month to lead them, like lambs to the slaughter, to inexorable, inevitable loss of the house.  Attorneys make a decent living from that model, and do far less work at far less expense than mounting a vigorous mortgage attack.  Just remember when you lose your house because of the lawyer’s incompetence or malpractice:  we warned you.

We Mean to Help, Not Insult

If you have a bar membership and practice law (you are an “Attorney”) please realize that Mortgage Attack means no insult to attorneys generally.  If you fit into the category of “foreclosure pretender defenders,” you can learn the way out of that horrid form of legal malpractice and into a means of earning a good living helping mortgagors attack their lenders and lender agents for injuring them at the inception of the loan.

The Ethical Business Model

In the Library page you can read of several cases showing how truly competent attorneys have won colossal damages awards for their clients by using the methodology we recommend to your would-be clients.  Please read them and contact Mortgage Attack if you sincerely want to start doing mortgagors some good with your legal skill instead of leading them to the inevitable, inexorable doom of losing their home under the pressure of foreclosure.

For Mortgagors with Bad Lawyers

Frankly, we have plans for mortgagors who have lost their homes because of bad lawyering, and who could have kept the homes or won damages with good lawyering.  We plan to teach them how to prove they would have won, by encouraging them to get their mortgages competently examined.  And then we plan to show them reasons to file legal malpractice lawsuits against their negligent, “bad” attorneys.

Mortgage Attack hopes for your sake that you don’t fit in that category, because it could even lead to your disbarment and public humiliation. That remains particularly true if many other clients learn of the lawsuit and clamor to join it with proof that your incompetence or negligence made them lose their homes.  Consider this web site a stern warning.

Attorneys Can Rebuild Ethically

Regardless of what you have done in the past, you can always reform and rebuild your practice on the ethical business model Mortgage Attack recommends, and we will help you if you only ask.  Please give this opportunity your fair consideration.

Foreclosure victims do not constitute your ideal clients because most of them cannot afford your service.  Affluent prospects who have no trouble making their mortgage payments can become your best clients for three reasons:

  1. They can afford your service
  2. They can afford the fee for a comprehensive, professional mortgage examination.
  3. They have almost as high a likelihood as foreclosure victims that the lender or lender’s agents injured them through tortious conduct, contract breaches, and legal errors.

You can earn hourly fees for negotiating settlements with lenders and servicers for your foreclosure-victim clients.  And if you can afford the litigation costs, you can take cases on contingency which you know you can win because you can prove the injuries with the mortgage examination report if you proffer the evidence artfully.

Often you need only show your complaint or counter/cross-complaint to opposing counsel to reach a speedy settlement for your client without having to pay filing fees.   In fact, Mortgage Attack knows of mortgagors who have negotiated such settlements without the assistance of a “closer” attorney.  If they can do it, any competent attorney should have the ability to do it too.